ITS Lithuania - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) development Association, Public nonprofit Association funded by membership fees and providing to members the opportunity to contribute in the development and implementation of ITS projects in Lithuania. ITS Lithuania operates, that the benefits of ITS development and deployment of technological solutions that would bring real economic efficiency, transport safety, environment and human well-being.

ITS Lithuania aims:

  • To accelerate and coordinate the intelligent transport systems (ITS) deployment of road transport, including interfaces with other transport modes,
  • Education, science and ITS development and dissemination of knowledge about ITS,
  • Stimulate the different transport sectors cooperation,
  • ITS development stimulation and popularization,
  • Expert services and evaluation,
  • Participation in the development and implementation of the National ITS strategy,
  • International cooperation, representation of international organizations,
  • Promoting direct and indirect benefits of ITS,
  • Representing interest of Association in preparation of national strategies related topics